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Glatt Kosher Meats Raised on Pasture in the USA with No Hormones or Antibiotics
My wife is from Bolivia, and even she loved the chorizo. It was very flavorful and not too spicy.
- David, St. Louis
I haven't had the like of this since 1940 in my mother's kitchen in Brooklyn!
- Adele, 83 years young
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Grow and Behold in the news

Ethical kosher eating

  • Complex Issues of Animal Slaughter
    Jillian Sherman. The Ohio Jewish Chronicle. July 28, 2011. In this article, Jillian interviews Naf about recent shechita bans in Europe; the article appeared ahead of Naf doing an educational shechita in Columbus on July 31.
  • Beefing Up Eco-Kosher
    Julie Wiener. The Jewish Week. Sept 30, 2009. Meet three people who have gotten involved in setting up ethical kosher meat operations (one of whom, Natan Margolit, has hired Naf as a shochet).
  • Local group is bringing kosher closer to nature
    Mark Dwortzan. Boston Globe. Sept. 16, 2009. This is an article about LoKo, the Local Kosher coop in Boston with Rabbi Margolit and Marion Menzin, where Naf has worked as a shochet.
  • Green Engagements: The Search for Kosher Organic Caterers
    Leah Koenig. The Forward. April 22, 2009.

Jewish Farming

Building a Sustainable Food System

Naf and Anna Hanau in the news

  • Anna Hanau Named One of the "36 under 36"
    June 7, 2013
    They push, they prod, they inspire, they innovate, they pull a crowd with their ideas. Now in its sixth year, The Jewish Week's "36 Under 36" section has honored young people in our community who have dared to challenge conventional thinking and follow their inner compass.
  • Anna & Naf Hanau - Grow and Behold
    Bucky Buckaw's Backyard Broadcast, May 15, 2011. Anna and Naf's backyard chickens are featured on a weekly podcast about raising backyard chickens as just one example of how a locally based economies can work.
  • #79 - Anna Hanau - A Farmer
    May 18, 2011
    Anna was interviewed on 100 Interviews, a blog by NYC journalist and comedian Gaby Dunn, wherein she attempts to interview 100 brand new people in just one year.
  • 40 Farmers Under 40
    Mother Nature Network, July 21, 2009. Anna was included in a list of the new crop of American Farmers look for # 36!
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