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Glatt Kosher Meats Raised on Pasture in the USA with No Hormones or Antibiotics
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We really enjoyed our order. I've never had such good-quality meat!
- Helen, Indianapolis
I want you to know that I am thoroughly pleased. The food came to me perfectly frozen, and it is delicious. And I used the bones to make bone broth, and I want you to know, it is top grade. I so appreciate the fact that you provide a product that is pastured and Glatt kosher.
- Valis, Hazelhurst
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Grow and Behold Foods brings you delicious Glatt Kosher pastured meats raised on small family farms. We adhere to the strictest standards of kashrut, animal welfare, worker treatment, and sustainable agriculture.

We do it right, so you can enjoy every bite.

We're committed to working with all of our producers to ensure the highest standards of care for animals and people, all along the supply chain from field to fork. We pay our farmers fair prices that are generally above the national averages, ensuring that they can support their families while raising food for yours.

We work closely with our farmers to determine the best practices for raising animals in ways that support the natural environment, respect the natural instincts of the animals, and ensure the highest kosher rates. We track our kosher rates closely and work hard to reward farmers who have the best kosher rates.

We've been blessed with spending years on organic farms, where watching food grow reminded us daily of the miracles of creation. We at Grow and Behold Foods invite you to savor the exquisite taste of pasture-raised meats, and celebrate the land and the people that bring them to your plate.

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