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We really enjoyed our order! Your site was easy to shop and the selection was great. Delivery and packaging were perfect.
- Edina, New York City
I LOOOOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! Not only do I feel like I am doing right by supporting kindness to animals, my husband and I have enjoyed the high quality and flavor. So glad you are around!
- Linda, Las Vegas
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So You Want to Buy the Whole Cow....

If you're someone who wants to try new cuts of beef, has a big freezer (or lots of friends) and likes to save with bulk purchases, we're pleased to introduce our Bulk Beef Package, which will save you 5-10% off the retail prices. Bulk beef purchases may not be made with regular promotional coupons.

You can purchase a Forehalf (the front half of the cow, that is, the kosher half) or a Forequarter (half of a Forehalf).

One Forehalf includes the following (divide amounts in half for a Forequarter):
  • 1 Hanger Steak (~3lbs)
  • 4 Skirt Steaks (~4lbs)
  • 16 Rib Steaks (~15lbs) (can substitute Rib Roast)
  • 15 Chuck Steaks (~10lbs) (can substitute Chuck Roast)
  • 2 Box Flanken (~12lbs)
  • 2 Box Spare Ribs/Plate Flanken (~12lbs)
  • 2 French Roast (~10lbs)
  • 2 Whole Briskets (~10-12lbs) (can substitute 1st/2nd Cut Briskets)
  • 6-8 Minute London Broil (~6lb) (can substitute Minute Roast)
  • 2 London Broil (~4lb)
  • Shoulder Steak/Roast/Pepper Steak/Kabob or Sandwich Steak (~10-12lb) (can substitute Shoulder Steak)
  • 4 Beef Cheeks (~2lbs)
  • ~20 lbs Stew Beef
  • ~50 lbs Ground Beef
  • ~1 Box Marrow Bones (~5-7lbs)
  • ~1 Box Beefy Bones (~4-6lbs)
A Little of Everything
Beef comes in a delightful range of flavors and textures. Part of the experience of buying a half or quarter cow is that you get to try a number of new cuts! Any substitutes other than those listed above may affect the total price. We encourage you to visit our Recipe Blog to learn how to cook new cuts.

Will it all fit in my freezer?
A Forehalf includes approximately 175-200 lbs of meat, and will take up about 10 cubic feet of freezer space. A Forequarter is half that amount.

Pricing and Shipping Information

A fore-half will run approximately between $3000 - $3200, depending on the exact weights and the mix of cuts. A forequarter will be approximately half that. Payment is due when your order ships.

One Delivery Only
Although we definitely encourage you to go in your order with friends, please note that savings apply only to orders that are delivered all at once (either shipping or home delivery). If you are splitting the order with others, you will be responsible for organizing that part.

New York Area Delivery
Delivery to any of our New York Area Delivery Areas is free.

Shipping to areas in our Ground Shipping Range (pink, blue and orange areas on the map below) will cost aproximately $1/lb. For areas outside our Ground Shipping Range (green and purple areas), we will send your order by refrigerated trucking line at a flat rate of about $400.

How to Order
Please contact us to set up a time to discuss your order over the phone. We will ask you to specify if you want steaks or roasts, confirm shipping and delivery times, etc. Contact us at or 888-790-5781.

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